Pilatus PC-12


Average year of make: 2005
Max range (NM): 1375
Seating Configuration: 6–9
Cruising Speed (KTS): 420
Average Hourly Rate Inc. Fuel: $ 1968


At just over 6,000 lbs the Pilatus PC12 NG is considered “The World’s Greatest Single Engine ” Turbo Prop aircraft for charter. Mostly used by business professionals throughout the world and for sale in whole or by fractional ownership the PC 12 offers top of the line performance and specs. The Pilatus PC 12 business aircraft is considered very reliable and sought after, therefore many organizations use it to  even transport their urgent cargo to hard to reach locations that commercial airlines will not fly to.

The Pilatus plane is fantastic for short trips throughout the country. Take a private plane to Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard during the spring and summer, or charter a Pilatus PC-12 Turbo Prop to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, St Barths, St Martin, and many other great destinations!

King Air 90

Average year of make: 1986
Max range (NM): 1140
Seating Configuration: 5–8
Cruising Speed (KTS): 300
Average Hourly Rate Inc. Fuel: $ 1300


A smaller configuration of the Beechcraft B200, the King Air 90 has taken on many variations. The King Air 90 is offered in a B90, C90, C90B, and E90, GTi, GTx. For corporate flights, leisure flights, and cargo, the Beech craft King Air offers 5-8 seats or can carry a great load of cargo in short distances. With a charter rate average of $1,300 per hour, and a relatively low sale price, the performance and specs of this plane are at the top of twin engine turbo prop category. This aircraft is considered to be so reliable that it was once used as a plane in the Air Force one fleet for a past U.S.A. president. If you are in need of a turbo prop with a larger cabin, be sure to check out the Beech King Air 100 or 200. If you would like a charter quote on a King Air, just fill out the form below or give us a call.

King Air 350

Average year of make: 1999
Max range (NM): 1561
Seating Configuration: 6–11
Cruising Speed (KTS): 333
Average Hourly Rate Inc. Fuel: $ 2200


The King air BE 350 is the largest of the Beechcraft Super King Air family and offers a lavatory. You can find this twin engine turbo prop aircraft, the “Hard Working” plane equipped with seating for 6-11 passengers as you will see in the specs above. There are a few variations of this aircraft for sale which include the B350, the King Air 300 and 350i. You will only minor adjustments and upgrades to interior, fuel capacity and range. Please contact us now for a charter quote by filling out the form on the right or calling directly.

King Air 200

Average year of make: 1992
Max range (NM): 1400
Seating Configuration: 6–12
Cruising Speed (KTS): 375
Average Hourly Rate Inc. Fuel: $ 1700


The Beechcraft B200 also known as the King Air 200 or the Super King Air is a twin engine turbo prop aircraft known for its reliability and cruising speeds. As you can see by the performance specs listed above, the hourly rate on this aircraft for charter is relatively low for the flight range, speed, and seating configuration, making this a practical and more competitive option when selecting an aircraft to charter. This is a terrific option for regional flights if you are in the market to purchase a plane for sale.

Cessna Grand Caravan 208B


Average year of make: 2004
Max range (NM): 1042
Seating Configuration: 8–12
Cruising Speed (KTS): 154
Average Hourly Rate Inc. Fuel: $ 1075


The Cessna Caravan C208 and Grand Caravan are considered some of the most economical single engine aircraft for charter and for sale. They are turbo prop planes so they are reliable and faster than most pistons, and can be chartered for an average rate of $1,075 per hour including fuel. The Cessna C208B is best for shorter flights and are often used for hops between islands such as the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. The Grand Caravan has a terrific baggage compartment specs and offers great performance for a single engine aircraft. Since this aircraft is so reliable and inexpensive to charter, there are some operators who have upgraded their aircraft to seaplanes and have floats to land on the water or on a runway.

Piaggio Avanti / II


Average year of make: 2006
Max range (NM): 1320
Seating Configuration: 5–8 seats
Cruising Speed (KTS): 382
Average Hourly Rate Inc. Fuel: $ 2742
Best in class, outperforming all other turbo-prop aircraft. The Piaggio has a huge 73″ wide cabin with a 69″ high ceiling for standing-up. The baggage space offers enough room for luggage to match a midsize jet! The Piaggio Avanti can cruise at speeds similar to a jet for lower costs and it is even more Eco-friendly.