Who Are We?

HowToFlyPrivate.com is a website dedicated to informing current and potential private flyers with all they need to know to enjoy private jet traveler in the United States and around the globe. Our information caters to everyone, from top Fortune 500 firms and some of the worlds most sophisticated private flyers, to first-time jet travelers interested in learning more about the service, and anyone looking to learn more about private aviation.


Our writers are located in the United States, but our focus is spread across the entire globe — while North America is the largest private jet market in the world, private aviation markets are thriving in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and even Africa. Likewise, our information will seek to cover every corner of the globe so you’re informed no matter where your private air travel brings you.


Our Mission

Our goal is to educate readers on all aspects of private aviation, from how to book a private flight and the different ways to access private jets, to aviation safety standards, industry news, and information about the most popular private jet destinations. Have a topic suggestion you’d like to see covered? Would you like to contribute as a guest poster? Feel free to contact us and let us know!