Why Fly Private?

Private Aviation is one of the most luxurious and exclusive forms of travel. From on-demand charter and jet cards to aircraft ownership, each comes with their own benefits.


Arrive at the airport minutes before your flight, use a private terminal to board your plane, and fly directly to more than 5,000 airports in the United States, arriving closer to your preferred destination. Feel free to make productive use of your extra time while avoiding overnight stays, security checks, and long airport lines.


Access more than 5,000 airports in the US compared to 500 for commercial airlines, landing closer to your home, office, and more. Private planes also allow you to travel with items you can't bring on commercial flights, including instruments, sporting gear, product samples, and even your pet.


Visit any destination around the world, from exotic locations and major international cities to remote regions using regional and municipal airports. Private flights are arranged on the date & time you choose, freeing yourself from inconvenient schedules or unavailable routing. They can also be arranged within a few hours notice, and use a sliding departure time in case you're running late. You may even be able to change flight plans in middle of a trip if necessary.


Private FBO terminals offer upscale travel services before and after your land, and your plane can be arranged with a flight attendant on-board to provide all your necessities and individualized attention. Flight crews can also arrange your preferred meal and drinks to be stocked on-board ahead of your flight.


Conduct business, prepare for meetings, and confide in your colleagues -- all without being over heard. Your travel will discrete and far less visible when flying in a private jet. Executives can freely travel without being monitored by competitors when engaging in important negotiations, deals, and other meetings.


Private jets often have spacious, stand-up cabins with lavish, plush interiors, enclosed bathrooms and many creature comforts, so you'll have a more relaxed flight. Enjoy entertainment features such as Wi-Fi, High Definition TVs, gaming consoles, and professional quality audio systems you control with your mobile device - the only limit is your budget.

10,000+ Aircraft

are available around the world, ranging from small props and business jets to regional and VIP airliners

10,000+ Airports

are available for private aircraft, flying to destinations commercial airlines can't reach

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