Summer Sleep Away Camp

The sleep away summer camp experience should be thought of and remembered by children as one of the best times in their lives.

They should remember the co-ed socials, eating candy & soda on visiting day, jumping into the freezing cold lake, adventuring into the wild, playing sports, and telling scary stories around a camp fire.

Personally sending your children off to summer sleep away camp is the best way you can make them feel secure and reduce the separation anxiety. This should be an exciting event, not a stressful one. They are about to have experiences that most children are not fortunate enough to have.

Chartering a private plane to drop your child/children off at summer camp can be beneficial if the camp is in a remote area not close to commercial airports. Private jets can land in more remote areas, with smaller airports not known to the public and are scheduled for the times and dates you set, not up to the airlines.

Family emergency at summer camp? Private Jet rentals in as few as 6 hours or helicopter service can be arranged and cut out hours of waiting in traffic and driving when you should be by the side of your child. Sometimes flying privately is not considered a luxury but a necessity. If you are planning your visiting day weekend and bringing along the grandparents or a family member with special needs, make it easier with this door-to-door type service.

Does your child have a best friend? Maybe your family and theirs can share a charter plane for the trip if you are originating out of the same area? Aircraft of all sizes can be arranged, from the 4 passenger turbo-prop planes to jets of all different sizes. Rest assured you and your family will be safe and will only need to concentrate on one thing; being together.

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