Specialty In-Flight Catering

One of the benefits of flying privately is that you have the option to pick and choose what type of food and beverages are available on board.

dinner served in luxurious jet airplane                Fruits and Cookies

If notified in advance, your brokers can arrange for virtually any food or beverage that you request to be on board. Whether your request is for a fancy bottle of champagne, the finest Argentinian steak, vegan cuisine, or simply a bologna and mustard sandwich from the local deli – we’ve got you covered.

Unlike commercial flights, the food you want on your charter flight is the food that will be arranged for you.

* Most private charter flights will be stocked with complimentary beverages and snacks.

**Be sure to let your private jet provider know ahead of time if any of your passengers have food allergies or would like their food prepared kosher, no-fat, low-carb, etc.

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