Celebrity & VIP Transportation

Private jet operators and brokers understand the necessity for logistics departments within the entertainment industry to meet budget, make sure aircraft insurance requirements are met, obtain release paperwork, and to safeguard their artist’s privacy and security.

They have the experience and know-how to arrange all private aircraft types, helping to meet your agency’s needs. Whether you need a private jet for your top executives, celebrity talent artists, or simply a cargo plane/helicopter to transport stage props and equipment you can depend on a Wyvern-certified jet charter broker.

Many of these companies have worked side by side with talent agencies, record labels, movie producers, and artist management companies to get important figures to their events quickly and safely by arranging their private charter flights.

Don’t guess when it comes to air charter service. jet charter brokers specialize in assisting agencies like yours with on-demand air charter for celebrity road shows, promotional tours and events. Allow them to help you with your next arrangement and you will appreciate why we they are the preferred option.

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