What is an Air Charter Broker?

An “Air Charter Broker” may be a company or an individual that serves as an agent in obtaining private aircraft for its customers.

The best brokers will offer 100% transparency with their clients and want you to know upfront that they do not have a fleet of aircraft, nor operate aircraft as a direct or indirect “Air Carrier”.

Since they do not have the need to offset the cost of owning or operating private aircraft, or spending time with managed aircraft clients, their goal is to locate a safe private aircraft for your charter flights, at a competitive price.

This freedom allows they to spend more time searching through approved vendor networks of private aircraft operators willing to reposition or become transient at a location ready to take on your flight at a lower hourly rate.

All flights that are being arranged by your broker should be operated by a FAR Part 135 or 121 air carrier or foreign equivalent (“Operators”), who shall maintain full operational control of charter flights at all times. Operators providing services must meet FAA or JAR safety requirements.

When an air charter broker arranges your flight, they’ll try separate themselves from the competition by selecting the best of the best. Honesty and transparency should be of the utmost importance, and once your flight is booked – they’ll provide you with all the necessary including who is operating your flight, why they were chosen, the tail number of the aircraft, and more.

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