Government & Political Charter Flights

Government officials have some of the most stressful and demanding positions. Internationally there are thousands of individuals who either volunteer or are employed to help operate/run political parties or administrations of government.

It may be required of a political leader, politicians, and government officials to reach various destinations in order to attend political conferences, conventions, summits or campaigns throughout the world.

Private jet brokers arrange aircraft operated by companies following the most stringent rules and regulations for the safety and security of our passengers. The pilots and crew selected for these government charter flights have undergone various background and security checks by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Brokers are dedicated to providing government air charter services on aircraft such as Helicopters, Turbo-Prop, Private Jets, and larger wide-body aircraft for larger groups. Clientele may include senior military personnel, government & political heads of state such as members of Royal Families, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Representatives, Senators, Members of Parliament, Diplomats and other councils.

As a government official, the privacy and security of your transportation is paramount. To assist in avoiding acts of terror, conflict zones, or public scrutiny, using air charter enables discrete and secure travel for world leaders.

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